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DTx by Country

Across the world, digital therapeutics are being increasingly recognized and adopted as a new category of medicine that can help improve patient care.

To introduce digital therapeutics to patients, providers, payors, and policymakers, DTA created a one-page overview to answer common questions about these products. This resource includes country-specific regulatory information and has been translated into the official languages of the below countries (with more countries to be added, as interest in digital therapeutics continues to grow).

These one-page overviews about digital therapeutics (DTx) include high-level information on:

  • The definition of a DTx
  • The value of DTx in patient care
  • Types of DTx interventions
  • Safety and Effectiveness of DTx
  • Country-specific regulatory and product access pathways

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As the regulatory and product access pathways evolve over time, these documents will be updated to reflect those changes.

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