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DTx by Country

Digital therapeutics (DTx) are increasingly being recognized and adopted into national frameworks around the world to improve patient care. To answer common questions about these products, DTA developed country-specific resources to educate patients, clinicians, policymakers, and payors about DTx products and their value across global regions.

Country-specific DTx Briefs: To introduce digital therapeutics to patients, clinicians, policymakers, and payors, DTA created a set of high-level overview briefs to answer common questions about DTx products. These resources include country-specific regulatory information and have been translated into the official languages of the below countries.

These country-specific DTx briefs include information on:

  • The definition of a DTx
  • The value of DTx in patient care
  • Types of DTx interventions
  • DTx safety and effectiveness¬†¬†
  • Country-specific regulatory and product access pathways

DTx Regulatory and Reimbursement Pathways: These pathways help policymakers and DTx manufacturers: understand the current landscape of how DTx products are recognized, regulated, and funded in specific countries; identify commonalities and differences across national jurisdictions; determine potential obstacles to overcome; and develop strategic approaches to ensure appropriate patient access to clinically-validated therapies.

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As regulatory and product access pathways continue to evolve within the following countries, these documents will be updated to reflect critical changes.


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