DTA Events

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance hosts a variety of events for members and non-members to engage throughout the year. These events cover an array of topics including DTx 101, industry best practices and updates, and highlighting current DTA projects and initiatives.

2024 Digital Therapeutics Alliance Summit

In alignment with DTA’s mission of broadening the understanding, adoption, and integration of Digital Therapeutics (DTx), we are hosting our annual summit in Washington, D.C. June 5-7, 2024. This summit will provide DTA members, patients, clinicians, payors, policymakers, and other stakeholders the opportunity to convene and collaborate to address the industry’s most pertinent challenges and opportunities.

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Public Events

In an effort to broaden the understanding of DTx, the Digital Therapeutics Alliance offers a variety of publicly available events. Learn more about each event series below.

DTA Member Events

In addition to our publicly available events, DTA members have access to an exclusive list of member-only events. Learn more about each engagement below.

Town Halls

DTA staff, board members, and members convene for quarterly town halls. Town hall meetings are designed to connect with DTA members and keep everyone up to date on pertinent information.

Topics that are regularly covered include:

  • Latest updates on DTA’s strategic  initiatives
  • DTx industry news
  • DTA task group readouts
  • Resource partner projects
  • Open Forums

Advocacy Events

DTA members and staff convene on Capitol Hill to meet with Congressional Members and influencers to advance DTx adoption. The focus of DTA’s advocacy events has been working with legislators at the federal level to create a category for digital therapeutics and legislate permanent coverage.

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtables bring together a small group of DTA members to discuss topics that aren’t regularly featured in DTA’s ongoing efforts.

Featured topics have included:

  • The future of the DTx industry
  • The clinical and economic value of DTx products for health plans
  • Key practices for educating clinicians
  • How to effectively engage patients in the DTx industry

Slack Chats

Featured guests join in an online chat with DTA staff and members. Each session covers a hot topic in the DTx industry. Topics range from patient engagement to tips for a successful product launch. Discussions are held on DTA’s #slack-chats channel.

Task Groups

DTA members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of task group meetings. DTA’s task group efforts are instrumental in providing patients and caregivers, clinicians, policymakers and healthcare decision makers with reliable resources to meaningfully integrate DTx products into practice and transform global healthcare. Visit DTA’s task group page for the full list of groups.

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