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Product Highlight

Condition targeted:

Type 2 diabetes

How it works:

d-Nav combines an FDA-cleared mobile app with AI technology to make autonomous adjustments to a patient’s insulin prescription based on their historical and current glucose levels. The program includes virtual clinical support.


90% of d-Nav users achieve lower A1c levels within 3 months.

Product Overview

Medical condition:

Type 2 diabetes

Target patient population:

Patients who inject insulin to manage their type 2 diabetes.

What to expect:

Significant improvement in A1c along with a reduction in the frequency of hypoglycemia when used with outpatient therapy.

Clinical Overview

Indications for use:

The d-Nav System calculates the next dose of insulin to aid in optimizing insulin management.


Results of clinical studies, published in peer-reviewed articles, evaluating the d‑Nav Program showed that patients had significantly improved their A1C with a lower frequency of both mild and severe hypoglycemia.


The d-Nav Program consists of an FDA-cleared software and unlimited clinical support to optimize insulin dosing. Patients use the d-Nav product before every insulin injection by entering their most recent sugar reading, and then receiving a personalized dose recommendation. Data is sent to the cloud where it is monitored by d-Nav Care Specialists, who are available to support patients good use and address any clinical conditions.

The use of d-Nav is quick, simple, and easy, and most patients see significant improvement in their diabetes and quality of life within 90 days.

Risks & warnings:

d-Nav may not be suitable for patients with gestational diabetes.

Place in therapy:
Complementary to current therapy.

Product Access

Product description:

d-Nav uses AI to optimize the use of insulin through better prescribing which greatly improves a patient’s health and reduces cost of care. d-Nav can be used on iOS or Android.

Prescription status:

A prescription from a qualified healthcare provider is required.

Patient access:

Patients download the d-Nav app from the Apple or Google App Store. An enrollment code is generated for patients after their healthcare provider completes a prescription with their personalized treatment details. From that point forward, d-Nav will tell the patient what dose to use before every injection. This takes the guesswork out of managing insulin dosing for the patient. Our trained clinical staff will follow up with the patient regularly to reinforce good use and address clinical concerns.

Use of this product requires access to:

Provider access:

A referring physician’s office will have the ability to track all the interactions the d-Nav team has with any of their patients through a proprietary, secure physician portal. They will have access to simple progress reports, as well as more detailed reports for each of their patients.

Coverage options:

The d-Nav program is covered by Medicare and most commercial insurance carriers.

Product availability:

d-Nav is available in:

A better way to use Insulin.

d-Nav® is the only FDA-cleared product that can adjust an insulin prescription directly to patients, without physician oversight and as often as needed.

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