Benjamin Alouf

Chief Medical Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

With a background as a Pediatrician boasting 15 years of dedicated patient care and clinical expertise within academic medical centers, Dr. Alouf has established a robust reputation in both healthcare provision and medical education. Having held faculty positions at various prominent medical institutions, he has contributed significantly to the development of medical students and residents, emphasizing not only direct patient care but also imparting crucial knowledge and skills.

During Dr. Alouf’s tenure at Albany Medical Center, he served as the director of the pediatric primary care practice, a pivotal role in the education of medical students and residents through rotations, shaping the landscape of outpatient pediatric training and education. At DuPont Hospital for Children, Dr. Alouf initiated the pediatric continuity practice, implementing a model where residents managed their outpatient practices while fulfilling rigorous educational requirements aligned with national standards for accreditation. As the Chief Medical Officer of Limbix he continued to apply those skills in helping to develop digital therapeutics for adolescent mental health.

Drawing from extensive personal experience in medical practice and education, Dr. Alouf possesses a nuanced understanding of how clinicians are trained and integrate knowledge into their professional roles. Currently, Dr. Alouf is actively involved in advancing digital therapeutics education, serving as a Thought Leader for the HealthXL Mental Health Community exploring digital therapeutics for healthcare transformation.Dr. Alouf is well-positioned to offer valuable contributions as a CMO at DTA  bringing a blend of multi-faceted expertise to the role.

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