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DTA Releases ‘DTx Integration & Workflow Report’

February 28, 2023

Digital therapeutics (DTx) have the potential to fill gaps in care for people and their families across the world. As a new category of medicine, DTx face numerous barriers in becoming fully integrated into traditional healthcare systems. To enable patients to receive access to DTx products that are convenient and effective, DTA and NCPDP co-hosted a workshop with stakeholders from across the  U.S. healthcare system to map existing DTx integration and workflow pathways, while simultaneously identifying areas of improvement.

Workshop stakeholders included policymakers, clinicians, health systems, health plans, pharmacies, DTx product manufacturers, and patients.

Over the course of six months, between August 2022–January 2023, DTA and NCPDP brought together subject matter experts from relevant stakeholder groups to contribute to the development of this report which outlines the integration and workflow of DTx products in the healthcare system, using the patient journey – from diagnosis through DTx treatment – as the primary focal point.

DTA and NCPDP are committed to providing patients with access to healthcare and ensuring that clinicians have the ability to utilize and deliver innovative products like digital therapeutics to patients. This effort, led by Jessica Hauflaire, DTA Chief Operating Officer, will collaborate with stakeholders on addressing the next steps outlined in this report to optimize the healthcare system to meet the needs of clinicians and patients.

Preliminary findings (Feb 2023): DTx Integration & Workflow Workshop Report



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