It is important to understand how patients and caregivers access, use, and benefit from digital therapeutic products:

  • Better Therapeutics’ candidate DTx product is working to manage the following conditions: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. Megan, Moises, Wilma, Kathy, and Chris share their experiences.
  • Big Health’s DTx product Sleepio directly addresses sleep disorder. Sally talks about how her sleep is affected by anxiety and how Sleepio helped her overcome this issue.
  • DarioHealth’s DTx product is highlighted by Karen who shares how it enables patients to control diabetes, so it in turn doesn’t control them.
  • Dreem’s candidate DTx product for sleep disorder is discussed by Myriam, Sally, Richard, and others who have used their product.
  • Global Kinetics Corporation has a candidate DTx product to manage Parkinson’s symptoms. Hector shares his experience here.
  • Happify’s candidate DTx product addresses anxiety and stress. Lori, Susan, Pierre, and others talk about how they’ve benefited.
  • Hello Sunday Morning is working on a DTx product for alcohol disorder. Meet Talitha, Nick, Kram, and others.
  • Omada Health’s product prevents type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Jane, Rodney and Rebecca discuss how they have benefited.
  • Palo Alto Health Sciences’ DTx product Freespira treats panic attack and PTSD. A user says “she can actually think about expanding my horizons again, whereas before, this wasn’t even a possibility.”
  • Pear Therapeutics’ DTx products reSET and reSET-O are used for Substance Use Disorder and Opioid Use Disorder. Heidi shares her experiences as a reSET-O user.
  • Propeller Health’s DTx product helps patients with asthma and COPD manage their conditions. Learn more from Dawn, Christine, and Troi.
  • Voluntis’ DTx product Insulia assists diabetic patients in manage their condition. Healthcare provider KC Arnold, ANP shares how her patients are using Insulia.
  • Welldoc’s DTx product BlueStar helps patients management type 1 and 2 diabetes. Candy, a patient with diabetes, provides her experience with BlueStar.


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