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DTA Opens Membership to Enhance Industry Growth and Direction

January 9, 2018

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA), a global non-profit trade association that represents the healthcare industry’s leading digital therapeutics manufacturers, announces today the expansion of its membership to a diverse group of organizations dedicated to broadening the understanding, adoption, and integration of digital therapeutics into healthcare through education, advocacy, and research.

The Alliance was founded in 2017 through a collaboration of leading DTx companies – Akili Interactive, Propeller Health, Voluntis, and WellDoc. Until today, membership has been limited to founding members.

New Alliance members will gain access to and engage with leading DTx companies, and will guide the development of the evolving digital therapeutics industry. In 2018, DTA will focus on supporting the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Software Pre-Certification Program and will work to drive clinical, organizational, and financial integration of digital therapeutics into mainstream healthcare.

“DTA members are dedicated to advancing novel digital therapeutics aimed at transforming patient clinical outcomes and adding value to physicians, care teams, and the healthcare system,” said Megan Coder, DTA Executive Director. “Growing our membership allows DTA to receive critical input from a wide array of stakeholders in order to establish a strong foundation for this robust and rapidly growing industry.”

Organizations encouraged to apply for DTA membership include digital therapeutic companies, healthcare provider associations, patient groups, payers, academic institutions, investors, technology and data organizations, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. For more information, visit www.dtxalliance.org/membership.


About DTA
The Digital Therapeutics Alliance represents the healthcare industry’s leading manufacturers of clinically-validated digital therapeutics. DTA members collaborate to enhance patient outcomes through assessing the value and impact of digital therapeutics in clinical practice, constructing industry and regulatory frameworks, and encouraging data-driven integration and utilization of digital therapeutics across the healthcare industry. Learn more at www.dtxalliance.org and follow us on Twitter @dtx_alliance.

About Digital Therapeutics
Digital therapeutics are clinically-validated solutions that may be used as standalone direct treatments or in association with other treatments to improve the overall quality, cohesion, outcomes, and value of healthcare delivery. Digital therapeutics demonstrate safety and efficacy in randomized control trials, receive regulatory clearance when used as a medical device, integrate into clinical practice, and are tailored to patients’ clinical needs, goals, and lifestyles. DTx solutions consist of patient-facing treatments, clinical assessment and outcomes tracking tools, clinician monitoring dashboards, and HIPAA-compliant data storage.





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