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European unveiling of Digital Therapeutics Alliance at Frontiers Health conference in Berlin

November 16, 2017

Berlin, November 15, 2017 – The newly announced Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) is heralding its European launch by joining forces with Frontiers Health, the premier European health innovation conference being held this November 16th and 17th in Berlin, Germany. Reinforcing the global nature of its mission, DTA leaders Pierre Leurent, Anand Iyer, and Vincent Hennemand will participate in a dedicated keynote presentation and panel discussion called “Software as a drug: The dawn of Digital Therapies”.

Mr. Leurent, CEO of Voluntis, and Chair of the DTA Board of Directors, explains, “digital therapeutics are at the forefront of a new era in healthcare. As the global industry prepares for what’s next, we are excited to represent digital therapeutics in this rapidly evolving environment, working with regulators, patient advocacy groups, providers, payers, pharma and tech companies.”

Joining the DTA leaders on stage for the panel discussion are Frontiers Health conference chair and Healthware CEO Roberto Ascione, conference steering committee member Marc Sluijs who is principal at digitalhealth.network, a global digital health investment advisory, and healthcare investor Steven Yecies, Venture Partner at OrbiMed.

Roberto Ascione says that he and his team at Healthware are honored to support DTA’s mission by partnering on strategic communications activities, with the Frontiers Health conference appearance being the first European communications touchpoint for the Alliance.

The panel discussion will touch on a number of significant developments being seen, in their aggregate, as the “3rd wave of medicine”. Transformational opportunities for healthcare providers and the pharma industry highlight the efforts currently underway to define new protocols of care and measures of clinical effectiveness. The rise of the digital therapeutics industry is highlighted by the fact that more than 150 companies are already working in the space, and a fast-growing number of their solutions are starting to show significant clinical evidence and results on par with traditional clinical practice.

In addition, investment in digital therapeutics companies on the part of Pharma is on the rise, as are partnerships to distribute digital therapeutics through traditional Pharma sales channels.

Marc Sluijs reaffirms his belief that having ways of clinically validating digital therapeutic outcomes is key to usher in continued growth in the digital health industry. To that end, he sees the formation of the DTA as essential in creating a common set of references and guidelines to measure digital clinical results by. The DTA’s announcement and participation at Frontiers is, according to Mr. Sluijs, proof of the digital health’s industry increasing level of maturity, and eventual coming of age.


About the Digital Therapeutics Alliance

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance represents the healthcare industry’s leading manufacturers of clinically validated digital therapeutic (DTx) solutions. DTA’s mission is to broaden the understanding, adoption, and integration of digital therapeutic solutions into mainstream healthcare through education, advocacy, and research. DTA members and partners – including patients, healthcare providers, payers, academic institutions, technology organizations, and pharmaceutical manufacturers – collaborate to enhance patient outcomes through assessing the value and impact of DTx solutions in clinical practice, constructing industry and regulatory frameworks, and encouraging data-driven integration and utilization of DTx solutions across the healthcare industry. For more information visit: www.dtxalliance.org 

About Frontiers Health

Frontiers Health is a spin off event of Frontiers Conferences, which designs and produces international conferences about technology and innovation since 2005. The yearly Frontiers Conference in Milan has become Italy’s leading conference for business, design and technology. The company was co-founded by Matteo Penzo, who also founded “Talent Garden”, the biggest co-working space in Milan, and is a technology practice executive at frog, and by Leandro Agro’ – a designer and entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of design and business innovation. Frontiers Health is chaired by Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware, the co-host organization of the yearly Frontiers Health conference. 

About Healthware

Healthware is a next-generation healthcare consultancy, combining a unique blend of marketing and creative services with innovation and technology capabilities, able to deliver value to existing and emerging healthcare stakeholders. Established twenty years ago in Italy, Healthware is now an independent global company, consistently ranked among the top healthcare agencies worldwide, with offices in London, Milan, New York, Rome and Salerno. Learn more at www.healthwareinternational.com or contact Healthware at info@healthwareinternational.com.



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