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RCT evidence shows that children using TALi exhibit acute and sustained improved gains in attention

Product Highlight

Condition targeted:

Attentional impairments in children aged 3-8 years

How it works:

TALi’s gamified platform is designed to assess and improve early childhood attention.


RCTs show neurodiverse children exhibit not only significant gains in attention after completing the 5 week training program, but are sustained 3 months later with additional numeracy improvements also observed.

Product Overview

Medical conditions:

Improving attention during early childhood.

Target patient population:

Neurodiverse and neurotypical children benefit from using TALi assessment and training products.

What to expect:

Improved attention that allows for the development of learning and communication skills.


Note: for more information, please visit https://talidigital.com/tali-technology.

Clinical Overview

Indications for use:

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) intended purpose:

TALi TRAIN is a device designed to be used by a person with a disorder to develop their attention ability to select, focus, control and inhibit.

TALi TRAIN is a digital cognitive training program intended to improve attention function as measured by cognitive and behavioural testing in neurodiverse children aged 3-8 years. Published peer-reviewed clinical trials have shown users of TALi TRAIN software demonstrated improvements in cognitive assessment for selective attention, as well as behavioural assessments for inattention and hyperactivity.


Research has shown that selective attention capabilities of neurodiverse children improved both directly and 3 months after completing TALi. Compared to the control group, children completing TALi also showed improvements in numeracy abilities 3 months later.


Children use the program 5 times a week for 5 weeks. Each session consists for 4 x 4 minute exercises.

Risks & warnings:

TALi may not be suitable for children with light sensitivity, visual impairments and/or severe motor impairments.

Place in therapy:

Complementary to current interventions.

Product Access

Product description:

TALi Train is a digital cognitive training program designed to improve attention skills in children aged 3-8 years of age. It may be used on mobile or tablet devices.

Prescription status:

Prescription status will depend on user location.

Patient access:

Access to TALi will depend on the location of patients and providers. In Australia, a registered Healthcare Provider can provide access and assist in management of TALi programs to complement existing intervention strategies. Please visit the TALi website for further advice regarding access to TALi in Australia and availability in other countries around the world.

TALi apps are available for iOS and Android devices and require access to an internet connection. Use of this product requires access to:

Provider access:

Access to TALi will depend on the location of patients and providers. Providers can contact TALi directly regarding options to offer TALi programs in their practice. The secure web-based TALi Portal environment can be used by those administering TALi to access assessment, progress and compliance reports.

Coverage options:

Reimbursement for TALi apps is available in Australia via the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Product availability:

TALi is available in:

Unique Features

Children using TALi TRAIN show acute and sustained improvement in attention, a world-first for a digital intervention addressing impaired attention during early childhood.

Clinical Trials

The provided set of evidence represents a sample of conducted studies. For a comprehensive collection contact manufacturers directly.

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