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Kaiku Health

Product Highlight

Condition targeted:

Cancer care

How it works:

HCP invites a patient to join Kaiku Health where they can report symptoms, receive self-care instructions, education and communicate with the care team. HCP then receives the symptom reports and prioritized alerts through the Kaiku Health platform and can follow up with the whole patient population.


Kaiku Health clinical benefits approved by a notified body in Europe include: improved overall survival, improved health-related quality of life, earlier detection of symptoms and/or relapse.

Product Overview

Medical condition:

Cancer care

Target patient population:

Adult patients with cancer

What to expect:

Kaiku Health can help improve symptom management, reduce ER visits, improve quality of life, and has the potential of helping cancer patients live longer.


Note: for more information, please visit https://kaikuhealth.com/.

Clinical Overview

Indications for use:

Kaiku Health is intended for use in cancer care and follow-up for non-urgent communication between an adult patient and a medical professional for collecting patient-reported data, displaying and analyzing clinical and patient-reported data, and instructing the patient. The data processed by Kaiku Health are intended to be used in supporting treatment decisions and in supporting diagnoses.


Kaiku Health enables follow-up patients with cancer and enables comprehensive capturing of symptoms over long periods with good patient adherence and satisfaction.


Kaiku Health supports patients between treatment visits and after their treatment has ended. With Kaiku, patients can quickly report potential symptoms they may be experiencing and receive self-care instructions as needed. In addition, patients may send messages to their care team through Kaiku Health. Electronic monitoring allows the healthcare team to treat patients in the best possible way and to gather valuable information for developing treatments.

Risks & warnings:

Contraindications: Any physical or cognitive condition that according to clinical judgement would prevent the patient from using Kaiku Health, e.g. dementia.

Kaiku Health is not monitored in real-time by the clinical staff; it is intended only for non-urgent communication. In urgent situations, contact your care unit or emergency number by phone.

In some special cases the guidance and self-care instructions that Kaiku Health provides might not apply to you. If you have any questions regarding your care, or your symptoms and their management, we kindly ask you to contact your care team.

If you do not receive a response from your care unit within reasonable time, please contact the care unit via phone.

Risks related to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the personal data processed by Kaiku Health cannot be completely eliminated. If you suspect that your personal data has been compromised, please contact Kaiku Health support.

Place in therapy:
Complementary to current therapy.

Product Access

Product description:

Kaiku Health Ltd provides a product that monitors patient-reported outcomes, providing intelligent symptom tracking and management for healthcare providers in routine oncology care and studies.

Prescription status:

A prescription is not required.

Patient access:

Patients access Kaiku Health through their web browser or download the app on the Apple or Google App store. Patients are able to register upon receiving an invitation to the solution from their healthcare provider.

Use of Kaiku Health for patients requires access to:

Provider access:

Healthcare providers may access incoming patient reports, patient histories, messages (if applicable) and patient comparison charts through their own interface in Kaiku Health. Kaiku Health also supports integration with EHR systems via the FHIR and HL7 standards.

Coverage options:

Kaiku Health is free to use for patients.

Product availability:

Kaiku Health is available in:

Unique Features

Kaiku Health is a patient’s companion throughout different phases of therapy. It reduces uncertainty around symptoms by educating patients on their self-management strategies. Kaiku offers improved symptom management for care teams and captures real world data on the effectiveness of therapies for cancer research. Kaiku Health has also developed capabilities of predicting the development and progress of cancer patients’ symptoms using Machine Learning.

Clinical Trials

Note: for more research, please visit https://kaikuhealth.com/rd/.

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