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Sumitomo Pharma

Frontier Business of Sumitomo Pharma is a healthcare technology unit – established by Sumitomo Pharma on April 1, 2019 – focused on pioneering new frontiers in chronic care with a focus on mental health, currently in Japan, US and China. Combining our scientific expertise and therapeutic heritage in active aging and mental health with collaborative partnerships, Frontier Business is creating innovative products and solutions that go beyond medication, providing people with more holistic support. Through new technologies and other innovations, we are providing people with broader solutions to achieve better access to care and comprehensive management of their conditions. By supporting people’s health and wellbeing, primarily in active aging and mental health, empowering flexible and convenient choices, we can contribute to reducing stigmas and loneliness.

Sumitomo Pharma defines its corporate mission as “to broadly contribute to society through value creation based on innovative research and development activities for the betterment of healthcare and fuller lives of people worldwide.” Along with our partners, by pouring our efforts into the research and development of new drugs, we aim to realize our corporate mission and provide innovative and valuable pharmaceutical solutions to people not only in Japan but also around the world. Sumitomo  Pharma’s goal is to create innovative pharmaceutical products in the focus research areas of Psychiatry & Neurology, Oncology, and Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy

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