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MedRhythms, a leading digital therapeutics company and early member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, uses sensors, music, and software to build evidence-based, neurologic interventions to measure and improve walking. Music has the ability to directly stimulate the brain to improve functional outcomes, and the related science underpins MedRhythms’ digital therapeutics. These therapeutics provide direct stimulation to enable the mechanism of action in each relevant population.

MR001, MedRhythms’ device for post-stroke walking impairments, is currently in clinical trials at the nation’s top rehabilitation hospitals. This product is the first in a pipeline of digital therapeutics for walking deficits caused by neurologic injury or disease, including aging in place and falling (MR002), Parkinson’s disease (MR003), multiple sclerosis (MR004), traumatic brain injury (MR005), and other conditions that are under consideration.

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