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MediMusic is a B2B service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create audio fingerprints which mimic the human brain’s response to music and then scientifically dispense it as an efficacy-driven medicine for the benefit of clinical pain and anxiety. 

MediMusic auto-create personalised, smart playlists that use predictive analysis to reduce heart rate and the stress hormone Cortisol, thereby promoting positive endocrine secretions – such as Dopamine, Immunoglobin-A and Oxytocin – as well as improving breathing and cognitive response. 

While listening to the chosen music via our app, the user heart rate response can be monitored for playlist refinement purposes, via our Digital Drip® bio feedback loop, and evidence-based ROI and multiple cost-saving KPIs are provided for healthcare services.

Headquartered in the UK – with a USA office in Scottsdale, AZ – MediMusic is working with various NHS trusts, care home groups and occupational health providers as well being part of numerous accelerator programmes, including Abbey Road Red.

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