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Kaia Health

Kaia Health Software was founded with the aim to create evidence-based applications for self-management of chronic diseases to reflect the growing evidence of patient empowerment with effective therapies.

Treatments which place patients in the driver’s seat of disease management and offer non-pharmacological alternatives are rapidly gaining importance in almost any chronic illness- from pain conditions to neurodegenerative diseases.

Kaia Health aims to create interdisciplinary digital approaches that empower patients to take control of the management of their diseases at low costs and to democratize access to required lifestyle changes following onset of a chronic disease. To achieve this, Kaia Health brings together experts in each of the medical fields in the creation of content and applications. This approach is paired with technological innovations to increase patient motivation, ensure correct exercise execution and monitor disease activity. KaiaHealth’s first app democratizes the access to the multimodal back pain therapy. Pilot studies have consistently shown enduring pain reduction in users. This effect is currently being reproduced in RCTs. Kaia Health’s late stage pipeline ranges from COPD to osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s.


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