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Arnold & Porter

Arnold & Porter’s top-ranked global Life Sciences and Healthcare Regulatory Practice provides sophisticated support and advocacy across our clients’ regulated business activities. We provide legal and compliance support to biopharmaceutical, diagnostic, digital health, and medical technology companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, from development through commercialization and lifecycle management.

Arnold & Porter is at the forefront in helping our clients navigate the myriad of complex, ever-evolving legal and regulatory issues for digital health technology. From telehealth platforms to innovative therapeutic apps to artificial intelligence to remote monitoring and diagnosis, digital health technology is rapidly changing established biomedical product development and clinical delivery models. This technological innovation is also challenging traditional regulatory frameworks, which have been slow to adapt, creating a patchwork of domestic and international regulations impacting both deployment of the technology and investments in the field. Our cross-functional team of transactional and regulatory attorneys (including many former governmental regulators) combines diverse subject-matter experience, deep industry knowledge, international perspectives, and creative problem solving to help our clients transform the delivery of healthcare solutions. We invite you to read insights – from Arnold & Porter attorneys and policy advisors – on these topics in our monthly digest, called the Virtual and Digital Health Digest.



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