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AMP Health

At Amp Health we’re on a mission to help millions of people prevent type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease with immense personal costs and billions of dollars in healthcare and impacts to the world economy. Prediabetes, the first step to developing type 2 diabetes, affects more than 1 in 3 people worldwide, so we built our first product, Minimol, to reverse prediabetes using well proven, personalized, self-adapting and achievable techniques to foster incremental progress that prevents discouragement and ensures success. 

At the core of our solution we understand the most effective method of motivation for each user, and how those change over time, and our model grows with our users, crafting success journeys that are unique to each user and that adapt to their changing needs. Pairing with continuous glucose monitors and any wearable devices the user chooses to connect, we match our behavior change models with user data to create interventions when glucose spikes are detected, pairing alerts with actionable steps that a user can take to drastically reduce the impact of blood glucose on their body and reduce pre-diabetes.

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