Lara Compton

Vice President of US Policy, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Lara Compton, the new VP of US Policy, brings nearly 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with over 17 years dedicated to serving as a healthcare regulatory attorney. She has provided invaluable counsel to a diverse array of clients, ranging from traditional healthcare providers to cutting-edge digital health platforms. Lara specializes in guiding telemedicine and digital health clients through the intricacies of business strategy, state-specific regulations, and compliance issues, including health information privacy and security.

Her expertise extends to analyzing managed care disputes, providing counsel on commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid coding and reimbursement requirements, and negotiating successful settlements. Lara Compton’s comprehensive understanding of healthcare regulation and her track record of guiding clients through complex challenges make her a valuable asset in shaping effective policies for the US healthcare system.

Lara Compton – National Law Review

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