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2024 Summit Wrap: Focus on Revenue Pathways

June 28, 2024


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2024 DTA Summit: Focus on Revenue Pathways

The 2024 Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) Summit was an unparalleled gathering of industry stakeholders, united in their commitment to advancing the DTx landscape.

The DTx industry is looking positive and DTA is laser focused on establishing revenue pathways with the following:

If you have an AI-driven therapeutic product, a pharma or drug product with a software companion, or are involved in hospital-at-home initiatives, your participation is crucial!

Thank you to the Summit Sponsors!

DTA Announces DTx Accreditation Program in Partnership with DirectTrust

DirectTrust®, a non-profit healthcare industry alliance focused on furthering trust in healthcare data exchange through standards, accreditation, and other services, and Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) announced a collaborative partnership that will provide accreditation for efficacy, data privacy and security for digital therapeutics applications and platforms (DTx).

Through this strategic partnership, DTA and DirectTrust will develop a program set to expand existing DirectTrust programs that provide independent assessment of health apps for privacy, security, and transparency, as well as interoperability compliance with regulations and best practices. DirectTrust will administer the program, while DTA will lead the criteria development.

Read the Press Release Here

Stakeholders with an interest in participating as a beta organization for accreditation, or in joining the Criteria Council subgroup can complete the form on the DirectTrust website at, or email

Upcoming Webinar: Cross-Regional Learnings: Insights from Europe to APAC

DTx have emerged as a transformative force in healthcare, offering evidence-based interventions to prevent, manage, or treat medical disorders. Europe, particularly countries like France and Germany, has paved the way in DTx innovation, boasting successful regulatory frameworks and reimbursement models. As the APAC region seeks to embrace and integrate DTx into its healthcare ecosystem, understanding the European experience becomes paramount. This webinar aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of the European landscape in DTx, offering insights, best practices, and lessons learned that can be applied in the APAC context.

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