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DTA Releases Updated ‘DTx Integration & Workflow Report’

March 6, 2024

Digital therapeutics (DTx) have potential to fill gaps in care for people and their families across the world. As a new category of medicine, one of the first barriers is the challenge of integration into the traditional healthcare system so patients can receive access in a way that is convenient and consistent for them. This effort takes significant collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders across the complex healthcare system in the United States.

In January 2023, DTA released the DTx Integration & Workflow Report to identify gaps and pain points in integrating digital therapeutic products into workflows across the U.S. healthcare system and outline necessary next steps to optimize the patient and clinician experience. The report identified pain points, considerations to solve for, and next steps in solving for those pain points. DTA continued to work with collaborators across the healthcare ecosystem and with NCPDP Task Groups to publish a Progress Report in August 2023.

A critical barrier identified is understanding the payment pathways as it impacts each stakeholder downstream. Through the generous support of the NCPDP Foundation, DTA was awarded a grant to research how DTx products would be reimbursed. The research is included in this updated report. We are proud of the efforts of our member task groups and other engaged stakeholders as we present this third DTx Integration & Workflow Report.

View full report (March 2024): DTx Integration & Workflow Report


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