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Celebrating Innovation: A Week of Remarkable Product Launches from DTA Members

October 19, 2023

A Letter from Andy Molnar, DTA CEO 

I am thrilled to share exciting news from the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.This week, three DTA member companies unveiled groundbreaking products that are set to revolutionize the field of digital therapeutics. These launches not only underscore the relentless pursuit of excellence within our community but also reaffirm the ever-growing potential of digital therapeutics to reshape the future of healthcare.

These launches from Better Therapeutics, MedRhythms, and Poppins are a testament to the transformative potential of digital therapeutics and the dedication of our member companies. DTA is committed to continuing its mission of supporting, advocating for, and advancing the digital therapeutics industry. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of these innovative solutions on healthcare and the lives of individuals who will benefit from them.

Better Therapeutics – AspyreRx for Type II Diabetes:

Our first highlight is Better Therapeutics and their product ‘AspyreRx.’ Better Therapeutics has tirelessly worked to create a solution that empowers patients with effective, data-driven tools to manage their condition. Their launch marks a significant step forward in the ongoing battle against diabetes, highlighting the power of digital therapeutics in preventive care and disease management.

MedRhythms – InTandem:

Next on the list is MedRhythms. Their latest product, ‘InTandem,’ is a clinically-validated digital therapeutic system designed to improve walking and ambulation in adults with chronic stroke. We are deeply impressed by MedRhythms’ commitment to delivering science-backed interventions that genuinely enhance the quality of life for stroke survivors. Their work is a testament to the critical role that digital therapeutics can play in addressing complex medical conditions.

Poppins (Formerly Mila) – Poppins for Dyslexia (OTC):

Finally, we highlight Poppins, formerly known as Mila, who have introduced a transformative digital therapeutic solution for dyslexia,’Poppins. Poppins leverages cutting-edge technology to provide personalized, accessible, and evidence-based interventions. We are proud to have Poppins as a DTA Member as their work is truly commendable and will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter future in dyslexia treatment.  


DTA’s Journey with These Companies:

DTA is proud to have these 3 DTx companies as members.  We have been inspired by the dedication of these members to uphold the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy. The relationships we foster within our alliance are pivotal in nurturing the innovative spirit that drives the digital therapeutics industry forward.


The State of the DTx Industry:

As these product launches demonstrate, the state of the digital therapeutics industry is in a constant state of evolution and progress. We are witnessing an unprecedented surge in innovation, with digital therapeutics emerging as a powerful complement to traditional healthcare. The industry’s potential to deliver personalized, effective, and scalable interventions is undeniable.

This also highlights the need for “one voice”, during these critical inflection points in the industry. While DTA works to establish more comprehensive coding and defined benefit categories, we need all of the key stakeholders to come together to continue to pave the path forward for the patients we serve.


Healthcare and Digital Therapeutics:

The impact of digital therapeutics on healthcare is profound. These products enable patients to take a more active role in managing their health conditions, reduce the burden on healthcare systems, and offer clinicians invaluable tools for monitoring and treatment. As the demand for accessible, evidence-based solutions grows, our member companies are at the forefront of driving meaningful change in healthcare delivery.


Together, we can shape the future of healthcare.


Andy Molnar

CEO, Digital Therapeutics Alliance



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