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DTA Member Companies Are Providing Direct Support to Patients, Caregivers, and Clinicians During COVID-19

April 6, 2020

During the COVID-19 crisis, members of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) have answered the call to serve their communities. While each contribution differs, all reflect the unifying DTA mission “to enhance healthcare quality, outcomes, and value for patients, providers, and payors.”

DTA member companies are not only dedicated to ensuring the manufacture and support of high quality digital therapeutics. Many of our members are also engaged in the development of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, technology platforms, and general digital health products. We are proud to represent each of these companies as they serve their communities in a variety of ways.

In relation to the broader healthcare industry:

Fighting on the front lines: DTA member companies are contributing resources critical to the front lines of this fight. Health Catalyst developed a tool to aid healthcare systems in forecasting the hospital impact of COVID-19, while other members are stepping up production to meet these predicted needs. Philips and ResMed have both significantly increased their manufacturing of ventilators and other critical medical equipment. These companies are collaborating with global leaders to overcome capacity and logistical challenges, with their employees working long hours to meet these heightened production goals. Additionally, Bayer, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, Orexo, and other members are donating critical medical supplies, money, and other resources to assist governments, health workers, and patients in need of assistance.

S3 Connected Health developed ACORRD (Assessment Of COVID-19 Risk of Respiratory Deterioration), a web-based clinical support tool designed to help hospitals optimise and scale acute respiratory care amid the rising number of coronavirus cases. This will help specialists identify patients most in need of their attention, while providing decision-making support for clinicians less experienced in respiratory care so health workers can be drafted in from other departments to help bolster respiratory teams.

Developing potential treatments: DTA member companies are actively engaged in research to develop potential treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. Sanofi is undertaking the development of vaccine candidates, as well as research for potential treatment options. Bayer is undertaking a search for new active substances that may treat COVID-19, while Boehringer Ingelheim is screening their molecule library to identify potential candidates that could fight the virus. Similarly, Novartis is contributing to global research efforts, supporting communities, and ensuring a stable supply of essential medicines.

Informational research: Members are also compiling useful resources on their websites related to COVID-19. The Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists provides targeted resources for diabetes care and education specialists since these individuals are on the front line of care for patients affected by diabetes, prediabetes, and other cardiometabolic conditions. Additionally, Propeller Health, DarioHealth, Welldoc, Better Therapeutics, Kaiku Health, and Global Kinetics Corporation provide educational content and resources for patients, caregivers, and clinicians amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Specific to mental health-focused products:

The core contribution of our members remains their ability to deliver high quality, clinically validated digital therapeutics that enable patients to treat or manage their health conditions in the safety of their home during this precarious time. With large percentages of the global population under “stay at home” orders, many individuals are experiencing heightened mental health and behavioral concerns. Additionally, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and fellow frontline workers are under tremendous strain during this time. DTA members are therefore stepping up to offer services to these quarantined populations and frontline workers.

Big Health, a digital therapeutics company, has extended no-cost community access to their mental health solutions: Sleepio for poor sleep, and Daylight for worry and anxiety. In response to COVID-19, their team created quick-access versions of their solutions and in the first two weeks, over 70 employers across the US and the UK have made the mental health solutions available. A few of the companies include Nike, H-E-B, Compass Group, AdventHealth, TTEC, Target, BJC Healthcare, UCSF, the UK Department of Health & Social Care, and the NHS staff of England, which covers 1.2 million individuals.

SilverCloud Health’s digital therapeutic is being provided by Express Scripts to members during the COVID-19 pandemic to clients and their members at no cost. This product is based on principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and positive psychology. These action-oriented products help members build self-awareness and self-management skills to improve emotional health.

In addition, Shoppers Drug Mart is making peace of mind a little more accessible to Canadians as they struggle with increased stress in the face of COVID-19. In partnership with SilverCloud Health, the company has opened a virtual stress management program, accessible anywhere from their phones, tablets, or computer. The company will cover all associated costs.

Hello Sunday Morning’s Daybreak program has achieved expanded reimbursement from the Australian Government. This will support an additional 10,000 people in managing alcohol-use-disorder, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a digital program that combines a supportive online community with access to trained health coaches, Daybreak provides a unique alternative to face-to-face support during this time.

And featuring the wellness products from member companies, Happify is providing specially curated content including webinars and live weekly yoga, while Headspace has a free “Weathering the Storm” program of meditations, sleep, and movement exercises.

Looking forward:

Before, during, and after this pandemic, one thing remains the same: DTA members are committed to the delivery of innovative regimens to enhance patient healthcare outcomes. We will continue to update this list to feature steps our members are taking to be a part of the global fight against COVID-19.

Version: 6 April 2020


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